2023 Artist in Residence for King’s College London

2023 SEEDED Artist in Residence for London College of Fashion 

2023 ‘Post-soviet Tarot readings’ Nunnery Gallery and in Rotherham at the Palace of Possibility

‘Food Resilience’ collab with Dana Olarescu, Calthorpe Community Gardens

2022 ‘Critical Dance’ collab with Dana Olarescu and Anca Dimofte, Chisenhale Dance Space 

Universal Basic Income projects *

2021 ‘Miss the Met’ at the HowTheLightGetsIn Festival of Philosophy in Hampstead Heath

2021 ‘Basic Beach’ in London Fields

2021 ‘Sounds good to me’ on Ridley Road and Roman Road

2021 ‘Summer Night’ for Creativity, Culture and Capital, commissioned by Nesta

‘Boiling Point’ Crypt Gallery

2019 ‘She Dances’ Camden People’s Theatre x British Library *

2019 ‘Give me a hand’ Tate Exchange

‘Pillow Pop Girls’ Arebyte Gallery *

2017 ‘Picture This’ British Museum *

2016 ‘Bal du passe’ Royal Academy of Arts *

*Cheap Thrills projects